How Can I Deploy to GitHub Pages?

Antwar works well with GitHub Pages. An easy way to deploy there is to use a package known as gh-pages. You can set up a npm script like this:


  "scripts": {
    "gh-pages:deploy": "gh-pages -d build",

You can preview the site locally by going to your build directory and serving the content through a static server. serve works well. Just hit npm i serve -g and serve. The site will be available through port 3000 by default.

How Can I Automate Deployment?

You can automate this procedure easily through Travis. See @domenic's instructions for one way to achieve this. Adapt as needed.

How Can I Set Up Your Domain?

You should set up a CNAME file to project root. In addition, you'll need to configure webpack to copy it over using copy-webpack-plugin:


plugins: [
  new CopyWebpackPlugin([
      from: './CNAME',
      to: './'